Logotype design
Branding and identity
Prints, icons

Supboard online store
Task: create a logotype and make a corporate identity design, so it looks fresh and engaging
Logo for seamstress
Task: create a gentle logotype for textile baby goods from natural fabrics. Logo is used for package, stamp and on social networks (insta).
Highlights design on instagram page
Logo, product design, package, identity for
Planner Pro - goal trackers
Task: create a logotype, develop a product design, package and identity.
Ready goal trackers for different groups - children, women and business teams
FRIEDMAN Construction
Task: create a logotype with simple and neat icon, design a print for
t-shirts, sticker on a car. Optimize logo for website
Task: design a simple logotype for TRENDSITE -
professional platform for designers, buyers and brand owners
hellsdells online store
Task: design a logotype for electronics online store with simple icon
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